Ying Zhang

Rotterdam School of Management


Aug. 2015-Aug. 2016 Visiting scholar at Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Sept. 2015- Feb. 2016 Visiting scholar at Harvard Business School, Harvard University

June 2014- Present Associate Dean for China Business and Relations, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dec. 2012-Sept. 2014 Academic Director, Master program of Chinese Economy and Business, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam

August 2012-Present Assistant Professor, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam (on the tenure track)

Personal Introduction

  • Profile

    Dr. Ying Zhang is an Associate Dean for China Business and Relationship and an Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. As a researcher, educator, and manager in the education sector, she has made substantial impact on creating and facilitating collaboration amongst academia, industries, governments, and higher education institutions. In 2015, Ying was named as one of “Best 40 Under 40” Business School Professors worldwide by Poets & Quants, and awarded as an Honorary Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University in China. In early 2016, she was selected as an Elite Professional Woman (in USA) by National Association of Professional Women and nominated as the featured business school professor at NativeSociety (in USA). She is now on sabbatical and scholarly visiting Harvard University (Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School) and Cornell University (Johnson Graduate School of Management).

    Ying Zhang’s background in engineering, economics, and management enables her to supervise cross-disciplinary studies in economics, business administration, entrepreneurship, innovation, catching up and globalization. Her research interests cover both macro and micro levels, from both an academic and practice angle. At a macro economics level, she studies the economic transition and entrepreneurship development. At an organizational level, she looks at both advanced countries’ and emerging countries’ corporate entrepreneurship and latecomers’ catching up process, as well as globalization and localization of organizational culture. At an individual level, she looks into interactive system of entrepreneurial cognition, emotion, entrepreneurial brain reward, and entrepreneurship education from entrepreneurial and neuroscience perspective. Her other research interests include social entrepreneurship, higher education management, and business school development.

    Ying Zhang was commented by peers and stakeholders as a unique talent with a sharp analytical view, combining a global mindset and systematic theoretical approach. She is considered as an expert and opinion leader in Europe on the topics of China’s transition and development at multi-level relationships. Her opinion and work have been widely used by the media in the USA, China, and Europe, including Bloomberg, China Daily, China Policy Review, CaixinOnline, EuroBiz, EFMDFocus, AACSB, the NativeSoceity, and SAGE Publishing etc. She promotes the relevance of academic research and also argues for a reverse contribution from practice into the academic. She is invited to speak and comment at international industry forums, fund investment meetings, cross-continent economic dialogues, and orgnizational-level consulting forums. She is also dedicated to study the business school development across cultures, and has contributed enormously to ACE (Alliance of 20 Chinese and European Business schools) as a founding member, the Global Research Institute of Logistic and Supply Chain (Chinese government think tank in the logistic sector) and the Shanghai Free-trade Zone Case Development Center as a co-founder.

    Professional experience

    Assistant Professor

    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Rotterdam School of Management

    Department of Organisation and Personnel Management


    Professional Publications (19)

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    Scholarly Publications (46)

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    Doctoral Thesis

    • Zhang, Y. (2013, Maart 14). Entrepreneurship Development in China: A Multilevel Approach. Eindhoven University of Technology (223 pag.) (Eindhoven: Eindhoven University of Technology). Prom./coprom.: G Duysters.

    Work in Progress (4)

    • Zhang, Y. & Jansen, J. (2016). Dynamic capability, social capital, and Chinese firms' catching up.

    • Zhang, Y., Rui, S. & Tang, Y (2014). Product Specificity and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Risk Management Perspective.

    • Zhang, Y. & Van Stel, A. (2014). Economic transition and regional entrepreneurship development.

    • Zhang, Y. & Knnipenberg, D. (2014). Entreprenuerial cognition, leadership, and corporate entrepreneurial performance.

    Other Output (5)

    • Zhang, Y. (2015). Road to deal with EU has many hurdles. (nieuwsbrief). London, Europe: quoted by China Daily---Europe. (available: 16 jan 2015).

    • Zhang, Y. (2015, Januari 11). Chinese Buy French Companies as Club Med Caps Busiest M&A Year. Bloomberg Business

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    Organization Membership

    • Academy of Management


    • International Association for Chinese Management Research


    Side positions

    • United Nations University-MERIT

    Affiliated Researcher

    • RSM Master Program of Chinese Economy and Business Program

    Academic Director

    • Beijing Jiaotong University

    Honorary Professor

    • National Association of Professional Women

    Elite Member

    • Harvard Business School

    Visiting Scholar

    • Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

    Visiting Scholar

    • Harvard Law School

    Visiting Research Fellow